Welcome to 819


Dear Recruit and/or Parent:


Thank you for your interest in Canada’s most popular and successful youth organization! This is intended to provide important information to both brand new recruits and parents who have recently joined us, as well as potential recruits and parents who are interested in the Air Cadet Program. If you can’t find the answer here, feel more than welcome to ask a member of the parent sponsoring committee or an officer of the squadron.

819 Skyhawk Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS) serves the Delta area as one of British Columbia’s best Air Cadet Squadrons. With close to 130 cadets, 9 Canadian Forces officers, and a complete parent Sponsoring Committee, the squadron offers youth aged 12 to 18 an extremely interactive and beneficial training program centered on aviation, leadership, survival training, range, drill and citizenship.

The cadet training year is split up into two parts: local training and summer training. Between the months of September and June, 819 conducts local training on Tuesday nights from 18:30hrs to 21:30hrs at the Squadron’s Headquarters. On these parade nights, we teach interactive classroom training that will benefit you for the rest of your life. On certain weekends, cadets can participate in optional practical training activities such as familiarization flying and survival training exercises. This is often times the most fun part of the program!

The second part, summer training, takes place between the months of July and August. During these months, cadets are sent as ambassadors of 819 on various summer training courses that are specific to a certain aspect of the cadet program. This is also the time when cadets have the chance to receive a Glider Pilot’s License and/or a Private Pilot’s License (free of charge) through summer training courses. If aviation isn’t your thing, you can attend other summer training courses based on topics such as Leadership, Survival, Physical Fitness and Instruction where you receive a weekly training allowance (you get paid to go!).

If you are a cadet that has recently joined our squadron, we encourage you to make some friends and talk to your fellow cadets about their experiences within the program. Parents are also encouraged to get involved with fundraising and recruiting activities through the parent sponsoring committee. If you are still thinking about joining and are simply gathering information about the Air Cadet Program, keep in touch with us and let us know of any questions that you may have. Also, please feel free to call to set up an appointment to tour the squadron facilities and see what a training night is really like!

We hope that you’ll join us for an exciting year of growth and opportunities!




819 Skyhawk Officer Staff, and

819 Skyhawk Parent Sponsoring Committee