Uniform and Dress Regulations

Uniform and Dress Regulations

All Cadets are expected to be familiar with the contents of, and comply with CATO 55-04 – Air Cadet Dress regulations. Examples of Cadet Orders of dress can be found on the squadron website under the section Cadet Resources

The dress and appearance of Officers and Cadets on all occasions will be such as to reflect credit to the Canadian Forces, The Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and 819 Skyhawk Squadron.

Items of the Cadet Uniform issued from Supply will not be worn in combination with civilian dress.

Cadet Numbered Order of Dress


Order of Dress

Seasonal dress changes and forms of dress for ceremonies and special training will be promulgated in Monthly Routine Orders or Training Instructions.

Wearing the Uniform

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times.   In particular, buttons, fasteners and zippers shall be kept closed. Pockets shall not be bulged; items such as glasses, sun-glasses, glasses cases, pens, pencils, key-rings or paper shall not be visibly extended nor protrude from pockets or be suspended from waist belts or pockets. Headsets from a mp3 player or other personal entertainment device shall not be worn.

The wearing of the Cadet Uniform is authorized for official cadet activities only. Authorization to wear the Cadet Uniform at non-cadet activities, i.e. School Remembrance Day Ceremonies, must be obtained from the Commanding Officer.

Cadets and their parents/guardians are to understand that the uniform and equipment issued by Supply is on loan by DND for the duration of their Cadet career and must be returned at the completion of training. Cadets are also expected to comply with instructions for the care of the uniform, so as to return it in a recyclable condition.

Care of the Uniform

Your uniform should be properly prepared and cared for before every use. Cadets are regularly inspected to ensure that uniforms meet the standard.

Responsibility for the Uniform

Your uniform is Government property. When you joined cadets your parents signed your enrolment form. By signing the enrolment form your parents have taken responsibility for all parts of your uniform. As a result, you are always responsible for all parts of your uniform. You should follow these rules:

  1. Do not leave your uniform pieces lying around.
  2. Mark your name in every piece of your uniform.
  3. Return damaged or poorly fitting parts of your uniform to your squadron supply and get new parts.
  4. Be sure that any parts of your uniform that you return are signed off when you return them.
  5. You must return your uniform promptly if you leave the squadron.

Deportment while in Uniform

When you are in uniform you should present a good appearance.  Chewing gum, slouching, hands in pockets, walking arm in arm, and similar actions do not look good for a cadet in uniform. The way you behave in uniform will affect what people think of all cadets. The pride you show in your uniform is a reflection of the pride you have in yourself and your squadron.