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Guide to Summer Training

One of the opportunities that exist in the Air Cadet Program is to attend various summer training courses. You may be familiar with the concept of summer camps offered in other youth organizations, but Air Cadet Summer training is a little different. The training is designed to increase cadets’ experience and knowledge of valuable skills specific to being a good Air Cadet. Cadets will participate in a highly structured and disciplined program that challenges cadets to achieve their absolute best. There is also lots of time set aside for “fun activities” like, canoeing, swimming, team games and much more.  These courses are designed to compliment the training received at the Local Headquarters, to produce knowledgeable instructors for the local squadron training and to produce staff to run summer training.

It is not necessary for Air Cadets to attend summer training to do well at their squadron. The summer training program is not a Local Headquarters requirement but it is lots of fun and most cadets feel the training is extremely valuable for enhancing their cadet career.

Summer Training Centres exist nationally and locally. There are approximately 10,000 Air Cadets who attend summer training centres across Canada and all over the world and over 1,300 of them are from British Columbia. There are four Cadet Summer Training Centres in BC; Comox, Quadra, Vernon and Albert Head, which over 1,000 BC Cadets attend. Cadets may  have the opportunity to attend summer camps outside of the province as they are older and progress through course opportunities.

For additional reference material please refer to the documents below:

Summer Training Progression Chart

Guide to Summer Training