Squadron Staff

Squadron Leadership is comprised of Senior Cadets, Volunteers, Civilian Instructors, members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre. Below is a list of these people who hold a Leadership Role in 819 RCACS.


Staff Name Position
Maj MacDonald Commanding Officer – Acting Training Officer
Capt Masoun Deputy Commanding Officer
CV Dkye Administration Officer
CI Antoniou Supply Officer
Capt Daniels Level 1 Officer
OCdt Grover Level 2 Officer
2Lt Bhardwaj Level 3 Officer
Capt Antoniou Level 4 Officer
Capt Bonnell

Staff members assigned to 819 Satellite Flight

Staff Name Position
Capt Masoun Officer Commanding
Capt Utsch Deputy Officer Commanding – Supply Officer
Lt Pattullo Training Officer
CV Kaur Assistant Training Officer
Capt Yau Standards Officer
CV Hanus Administration Officer
CV Lee Level Training
CV Chinna Level Training

Senior Cadets

Name Position
WO1 Yu Cadet Squadron Commander
WO2 Tang Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander
WO2 Minty Squadron Warrant OPfficer
FSgt Ayedzi Flight Commander Voodoo Flight
FSgt Antoniou Flight Commander Falcon Flight
WO2 Mak Flight Commander Harvard Flight
Flight Commander Spitfire Flight
FSgt Louie Flight Commander Mustang Flight
FSgt Singh Flag Party Commander
WO2 Kaur Satellite Flight Commander