Squadron Staff

Squadron Leadership is comprised of Senior Cadets, Volunteers, Civilian Instructors, members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre. Below is a list of these people who hold a Leadership Role in 819 RCACS.

Volunteers, Civilian Instructors, and Officers
AIR_MAJ Major J. MacDonald – Commanding Officer – Acting Training Officer


Civilian Instructor K Dyke – Administration Officer
AIR_CAPT Captain C. Daniels – Level One and Level Three Officer / First Aid Officercd
CI Civilian Instructor M.A. Antoniou – Supply Officer
Civilian Instructor S. Grover  – Level Two Officer
 819 Satellite Flight
AIR_CAPT Captain J. Masoun – Officer Commandingcdqdjm


AIR_CAPT Captain M. Utsch – Deputy Officer Commanding Supply Officer
AIR_LT Lieutenant C. Pattullo – Training Officer
Captain S Yau – Standards Officer
VOLUNTEER Civilian Volunteer J Hanus – Administration Officer
VOLUNTEER Civilian Volunteer D. Lee
VOLUNTEER Civilian Volunteer Chinna
Senior Cadets
wo1 TBD
Cadet Squadron Commander
wo2 WO2 Hung
Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander
wo2 WO2 Khaira
Squadron Adjutant
wo2 WO2 Lei
Flight Commander – Voodoo Flight
wo2 TBD
Flight Commander – Falcon Flight
wo2 TBD
Flight Commander – Harvard Flight
wo2 TBD
Flight Commander – Mustang Flight
wo2 TBD
Flag Party Commander
fsgt FSgt Mak
Flight Commander – Spitfire Flight