First Aid Team

The 819 Skyhawk Squadron First Aid team consists of cadets ranging in rank from Air Cadet to Warrant Officer 1st Class.  Together these cadets take part in first aid training courses.  They practice skills such as controlling bleeding, administering CPR, immobilizing broken limbs, and responding in an appropriate matter to a crisis situation. Cadets will receive formal certification of either Emergency or Standard First Aid after completing a training course. After months of training, both the junior and senior first aid teams join together for the annual Lower Mainland Competition.

The teams are made up of four first aiders, each playing a different role. The captain is there to mostly guide the team, and to ensure all is going well, and, when possible, help out their teammates. The second and third first aiders are there to provide first aid help to the best of their ability, and the fourth first aider is there to give a helping hand. The cadets come together with their team in hopes of impressing the judges with their first aid abilities, and hopefully bring home the title of champion. Like a family, the team works together by helping each other out when needed.