Drill Team

drill teamDrill is an exercise of obedience, accuracy and concentration, it is closely supervised and the utmost precision is demanded from each team member. It sets the standard for the individual and the squadron, and builds a sense of confidence between the commander and the cadet. Comprised of cadets of all levels, from Air Cadet to Warrant Officer 1st Class. These Cadets learn to present their drill routines as a team, and entirely without verbal commands.

The drill team works meticulously to have pristine drill combinations and dress. The drill team presents a five minute precision drill routine at various levels of competition, and at the Annual Ceremonial Review.

Amazingly, drill can be FUN. At first, you may feel awkward or uncoordinated. Don’t worry; these are common feelings for a cadet who is just beginning to learn drill. Gradually, as you get the hang of it, you will begin to feel a sense of satisfaction in getting it just right. As you work with the rest of the Drill Team to accomplish something that can only be done as a team, you will begin to feel a sense of pride, in yourself and your squadron.

A drill team member is expected to participate in weekly training leading up to competition and Annual Ceremonial Review.

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