Boots and Socks

Your black issue boots are laced straight across.  You shall keep them in good repair and well shined. The following is one method used to get a good shine on boots:

  1. remove dust and dirt from the boot with a soft damp cloth (do not use this cloth for polishing);
  2. use an old toothbrush to remove dirt from the welts;
  3. use the toothbrush, with polish, to blacken the welts;
  4. apply a moderate amount of polish to the area of the boot you will polish first; and
  5. use a polish cloth or other soft cloth wrapped around your index finger and dampened in cool water.  You should work one section of the boot at a time. Apply the polish in a circular motion. Start with larger circles to cover the area with polish. Use smaller circles as the polish works into the boot. Continue with the circular motion until you can no longer see the circles formed by the polish.

You will have to continue applying coats of polish in this way until the boots have a high gloss. Considerable patience is required with new or previously unpolished boots.


You will wear the grey wool socks that are issued to you by your squadron. If you are allergic to the material in the socks, you may wear sports socks under your issue grey socks.