Exercise Fall Back

819 RCACS cadets will participate in Exercise “Fall Back”, to be conducted at Columbia Valley Area C, Chilliwack 13-15 Oct 2017.  This exercise is classified as a Mandatory Training exercise for all Level 1, and 2 Cadets.

The cadets will be going to the following location – Columbia Valley Training Site – Area C.  Columbia Valley Training Site is located within Cultas Lake Provincial Park.

CADETS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE AT 819 LHQ North Delta Rec Centre LHQ Friday Oct 13th at 1730hrs (5:30), and are to be picked up Sunday October 15th 2017 at 1600 hrs (4pm) at 819 LHQ.  Please ensure your cadet has eaten dinner before you drop them off.

Please download, print and sign a copy of the permission slip.   This permission slip is to be returned no later than TUESDAY 10 Oct 2017.

Please download, print and pack your gear according to the Kit List.

Further details for Level 1 cadets (New Entries) will be discussed with the cadets and their parents closer to the FTX.

Please direct any questions to Major MacDonald on a parade night (Tuesday’s)

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